Past Clients

Partial list of our valued clients:

Allstate Insurance

Bantry Holdings LLC

Better Homes and Garden

California State Highway Patrol

Cathay Bank

Chef’s Restaurant

Children’s Hospital

Citizens Business Bank

City of Alhambra

City of Hope

City of Los Angeles

City of Pasadena

City of San Marino

City of South Pasadena

City of Walnut

Coffen Law Group

Colonial Kitchen

Crestview Financial

Del Taco, CA

Development Financial Co.

Diamond Bar Financial

Dupont Relocation

East West Bank

Entron Corp.

Executive Relocation

Firestone Tires

First City Bank

Fire Acres, Boys & Girls Aid Society

Forest Lawn

G.E. Capital


Hahn & Hahn, Attys.

Hammond Co.

Household Relocation

Hows Market

Howies Ranch Market

International House of Pancakes, CA

Kalish, David, Atty.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Lake Ave. Congregational Church

Logix Federal Credit

Mitsubishi Corp.

Miller, James F., Atty.

Nepili Kai, Maui

Northern Trust

Oddenino, Michael L., Atty.

Otis & Otis, Attys.

Pacific Lighting

Pasadena City College

Pasadena Playhouse

Peerless Pump

Prudential Relocation

Resolution Trust Corp. (RTC)

Rite Aid, CA

San Diego Navy Federal Credit

Sanwa Bank

The Seely Company

Seven Up Bottling, CA

Shearson Lehman

State Farm Insurance

Steven Stathatos, Atty.

Stat’s, Pasadena

Symes Cadillac, Pasadena

Taco Bell, CA

Twohey’s Restaurant

Villa Esperanza, Pasadena

Vroman’s, Pasadena

Walgreens, San Diego

Wells Fargo Bank

Western Relocation

Wondries Ford, Alhambra


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