When to Appraise

Many people look to valuation websites or BOV’s to estimate their property’s value, but when more than an a rough estimate is needed and you need to know the true market value of your property, real estate appraisals provide the in depth analyses to cover all basis of your property’s valuation.

Financial institutions and mortgage lenders most often arrange for a professional appraisal over a Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) due to the in depth analysis and reporting that comes with an actual appraisal. However, property owners, buyers, sellers, real estate professionals and their attorneys may need to hire an appraiser in the following situations and properties:

Arbitration Cases Insurance (Cost Purposes)
Counseling and Consultation Market Rent Studies
Determination of Fair Sale Price Partnership Dissolution
Divorce, Division of Interests Property Disputes (views, assessment, etc.)
Estate Evaluation Minority Interests
Eminent Domain Tax Assessment Review
Employee Relocation
Expert Witness Testimony
Gift Valuation

With over 60 years of commercial and residential real estate appraisal experience, Jack Flynn also carries the designations of a Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and a Life Member of the Appraisal Institute (SRA).

This video from the Appraisal Institute explains why SRA appraisers are a cut above the rest! Contact us today to discuss your real estate needs.


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